Lavoisier Award Recipients

The Lavoisier Medal for Lifetime Technical Achievement is the company’s highest science award and recognizes scientists and engineers who have demonstrated a career of creative technical contributions with significant business impact. The medal is named in honor of the 18th century French chemist, Antoine Laurent Lavoisier, who is considered the father of modern chemistry. 


Mr. Mark Barger, Technical LaureateDuPont Water & Protection: Shelter Solutions; Midland, MI – Envisioned and executed environmentally sustainable product and process innovations for foams over the last 15 years, technically leading the transition to low-Global Warming Potential alternatives for two major product lines, driving “safer-by-design” fire retardant solutions and developing breakthrough approaches to new products using recycled feedstocks. 


Dr. Peter Berg, Senior LaureateDuPont Water & Protection: Water Solutions; Greifenberg, Germany – Combining entrepreneurial spirit and deep technical insights from the initial conception and founding of inge to its integration into DuPont 20 years later, together with a great team of inge colleagues built an industry-leading ultrafiltration company, leveraging novel Multibore membrane technology with innovations in module design and implementation in more than 1,000 installations, bringing clean water to millions of people around the world.


Pedersen Award Recipients

The Pedersen Medalists are selected by the DuPont Fellows, a group of the highest technical professionals in the company. The medalists’ technical knowledge, skill and commitment in their respective areas have resulted in important new products for DuPont customers. The award is named in honor of Charles J. Pedersen, who received the 1987 Nobel Prize for his discovery of a novel class of chemical compounds called macrocyclic polyethers, which he dubbed the “crown” ethers because of their molecular shape.


Dr. Mingqi Li, Technical LaureateDuPont Electronics & Industrial: Litho Technologies; Marlborough, MA – Led and advanced the science of semiconductors via several novel technologies, which are protected in over 50 U.S. patents, including photoacid generators and quenchers enabling superior lithographic performance and new Embedded Barrier Layer chemistries for next-generation electronic materials.  


Dr. David Luckey, Technical LaureateDuPont Water & Protection: Safety Solutions; Richmond, VA – Conceived and implemented Kevlar® NFT (New Fiber Technology) systems, enabling significantly more effective production of this life-saving material, and repeatedly developed and upgraded process capabilities in the Aramid space from the pilot to commercial scale.  


Ms. Linda Nartker, Principal Investigator; DuPont Electronics & Industrial: Industrial Solutions Healthcare; Midland, MI – Pioneered the incorporation of silicone pressure-sensitive adhesives in transdermal drug delivery systems through product and process innovations, collaborating closely with customers to implement this life-changing technology for the treatment of conditions ranging from chronic pain to dementia.


Mr. Kohtaro Takahashi, Technical Laureate; Regional Development Manager AP, DuPont Electronics & Industrial: Industrial Solutions Kalrez®; Tokyo, Japan – Leveraged a strong internal and external reputation coupled to sustained creativity and a passion for customer partnership to introduce Kalrez® to the electronics industry and expand Kalrez® applications through the development of new grades, Custom Parts, and direct metal-bonding technology.