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DuPont Wilmington Global Innovation Center is more than just a hub for innovation. It’s also a collaborative center for scientists, engineers, business professionals and entrepreneurs to tackle some of the world's most challenging problems.

Located on a campus nearly 120 years old, the DuPont Experimental Station is literally a birthplace for innovation, claiming many scientific achievements that have truly advanced our mission to enable the world to thrive. Now, our scientists, engineers and business leaders collaborate with stakeholders in all industries to tackle new challenges, partner for new advances and innovate for the next generation. What is your challenge, and what will it take to get there? Come work with us to Invent a Better Now.


Our purpose is to stimulate thought-provoking creativity, innovation and product development with a wide variety of subject matter experts to drive solutions for your immediate and long-term challenges. Whether you’re interested in discussing a technical application for new product design, innovating for a new product with new features, or brainstorming with partners from across your value chain, the Wilmington Global Innovation Center can help advance your goals.


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Watch as our scientists and engineers explore the approaches and behaviors that break the barriers for any innovator. These exceptional visionaries are realizing solutions for some of the planet’s most pressing challenges. Welcome inside the bold and brilliant minds behind DuPont.

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Global Challenges, Local Actions

Right now, we’re partnering across the globe to tackle some of the world's most challenging areas. But that doesn't mean we don't focus locally. Headquartered in the Wilmington Delaware, we have several sites with both local and global influence. See how we’re making a difference—right now.

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I need ideas to promote this text box: Electronics that are flexible? Cars that drive themselves? Bandages that deliver medicine? Solutions to complex problems often start with far off ideas.

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